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Fargesia Rufa with 5Ltr Pot

Fargesia Rufa with 5Ltr Pot

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The best way to grow Fargesia Rufa Bamboo is in this 5 Litre Pot. Also, when planted in the ground, it has a propensity to expand as widely as possible.

1x - 5 Litres Pot

Product Features:

  • Pot Dimensions: Height: 100cm  x Diameter: 22cm

Pro tips for planting Fargesia Rufa:

  • Haircuts - Bamboo is a very quick grower, so don’t be afraid to chop him back if he gets too big.
  • Moist soil - He likes his soil quite moist, so give him a drink whenever the surface of the soil feels dry.
  • A sunny spot - He likes a spot that gets a mix of sun and shade. Sun all day can be a bit much for him.