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Nanjing Opal 4 Door 3 Drawer Sideboard

Nanjing Opal 4 Door 3 Drawer Sideboard

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The Nanjing Opal 4 Door 3 Drawer Sideboard is an exquisite piece of furniture that brings a touch of the Orient into any space. The Opal finish is a beautiful and serene shade of bluish-green, reminiscent of the precious stone that shares its name. The solid wood construction and intricate carvings make this sideboard a true work of art, with details that are both impressive and understated. The four doors and three drawers offer ample storage space, making it both functional and beautiful. This sideboard is the perfect addition to any home that values beauty, craftsmanship, and a touch of exotic elegance. Whether you are using it to store your most prized possessions or simply as a statement piece in your living room, the Nanjing Opal 4 Door 3 Drawer Sideboard is sure to enchant and delight.


Height: 880 Width: 2245 Depth: 480 mm.

On display instore and available to order on pre-order for more information please phone the shop or ask on live chat

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